The Complete Body Contouring Portfolio

Lipofirm Pro

The New Lipofirm Pro incorparating Tri-lipo and DMA

Lipofirm MED

The most innovative platform with Voluderm, TriFractional, TriLipo with DMA and TriPollar RF

The Most Advanced Medical and Aesthetic Lasers & IPL Technology

Thunder MT Ultimate Power for Your Practice

Q-Plus Series Q-Switched Laser Platform Tailored to Your Needs

Light EVO Series Multiple Wavelengths for the Highest Challenges in Laser Applications

Excellence In Anti Ageing-Aesthetic Platforms

Lipofirm MED An innovative non-surgical treatment for skin rejuvenation: facial dermal volumising, skin tightening, fine line reduction, acne scar improvement and skin resurfacing using VoluDerm HE, TriPollar Radio Frequency with DMA and TriFractional technology.

Geneo+ The 4 in 1 super facial that celebrities cant get enough of, incorporating, exfoliation, oxygenation, product infusion and facial skin tightening with Tripollar technology.