We are finalists | My Face My Body Awards 2013

We are finalists | My Face My Body Awards 2013

4th September 2013

Great news!! We have been selected as finalists again for the 'Best Body Reshaping Treatment' and 'Best Skin Tightening Treatment' with the use of the Lipofirm Plus....

This is what some of our clinics and their customers have got to say about selecting us to win the award(s) so far....

Helen: We love Lipofirm Plus – The best system on the market to date with ‘Fantastic results’ every time. Brilliant results on all areas of the face & body. Very professional company with a great aftercare service.

Suzanne: I vote for Lipofirm as Number 1, because its medically certified and a high quality machine and Advanced Esthetics Solutions are extremely professional and totally supportive to its clients. Suzanne

EILEEN: I have owned my Lipofirm for 14 months now & having just provided 4 x 12 hour days of treatments & 65% of them being Lipofirm Facial & Body treatments; It speaks for it's self I have been called "The Lady who performs magic!"

Eme: I have been using the Lipofirm Plus for nearly a year and the results are amazing, Clients are always happy and return for treatments on different areas of the body. The results speak for themselves!

Tina: After 1 session I have lost 5 inches... amazing results and also RF on my face, I was even more surprised when I looked the next day!

Clare: Have just purchased Lipofirm Plus, astounded by results, nothing compares. Excellent support & training

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