New Partnership with Bio Therapeutics

New Partnership with Bio Therapeutics

17th January 2013

We entered into a new distribution with Bio Therpeutics in December 2012. An very exciting partnership with common interests, mutual goals, shared responsibility and togetherness.

David Suzuki | President of BioTherapeutics;

'When it comes to making choices in life investments, it is crucial to find a partner who will be there when you need them.
When you choose Bio-Therapeutic as your partner, you are investing in the highest quality, American made technology
in the skin care industry today. More than this however, you are beginning a partnership that includes an entire team of
specialists working with you in achieving your life goals.
We understand that you and your business are unique, and one of a kind.
Whether you are investing in one technology or an entire array of technology, the Bio-Therapeutic team will work with
you intimately to ensure that you procure the right technology for your business – and this is only the beginning. BioTherapeutic
will be with you every step of the way with perpetual and continuous education, marketing support and real
life sincere customer service, something that is very rare to find today. In short, we understand that your success is our
success, and will always do everything and anything possible to ensure that success is realized.
As we understand first hand the importance of partnership, we are excited to announce our new partnership with
Advanced Esthetic Solutions and Mr. Douglas Sykes who shares our passion for customer service, education and
insuring that every skin therapist can realize her true potential!'

Douglas Sykes | Managing Director of Advanced Esthetics Solutions

'As with the rest of the world, the UK has seen challenging times within the beauty and aesthetic industry. A new discount
culture has emerged with treatment prices being reduced by as much as 70%, along with a new breed of distributors
self-labeling poorly manufactured oversea devices without the necessary tried and tested protocols or clinical studies. For
many, the trend has become one of concentration on chasing that last pound of profit with lost focus on quality.
Choosing the right partnership to help you achieve your goals has never been so important. Now more than ever, it is vitally
important to choose a partner with integrity and honesty that will guide you to what is the best investment for you. One that
will assist you by calculating the return on investment and true cost, enabling a meaningful and profitable forward thinking
marketing plan to get bodies on couches, provide ongoing education, and host open evenings and events. A partner
should have the resources and team to respond to your needs, whether it be an educational or technical question, in a
time scale that is not a financial burden for you. Most importantly, you should choose a partner that is as passionate about
your business as you are.
Our strength at Advanced Esthetics Solutions is understanding your business and being able to supply innovative
technology that creates real results at affordable prices. It is exciting times for us, and the invitation to be the new partner
in the UK for Bio-Therapeutic enables us to offer an unrivaled portfolio of aesthetic devices and skin care. This, combined
with ongoing marketing and education, will guarantee each skin therapist the ability to succeed.'

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